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Meet Kim


Chartered Activity and Health Practitioner

Low Back Pain Exercise Specialist

Due to my disability, I was never encouraged to do sport at school, initially training as an accountant and working in finance systems.

I have always had a love of dancing, water sports and cycling, eventually discovering Aerobics in 1990 when I made my decision to train as a fitness instructor.


I first trained in Pilates and Yoga when a client (and physiotherapist) went through early menopause and the group asked me to find something that she could continue to participate in.  Since that date, I have made it my goal to help those who might not be able to exercise in a conventional group exercise class.

I love to teach smaller classes, where I can give individual exercise adaptations to those who need it and where I know the names and limitations of each class participant.  The classes are a community within our community. 


With my in person classes I help people who struggle to exercise due to age, injury, illness, disability, or obesity.


What can I do for you?

Elderly Woman at Gym


with Kim

Suitable for beginners & 30+, 50+, 60+ & fitter 70++

What I Specialise In

Improving Balance, Flexibility & Mobility

Adapting exercises for older adults

Smaller classes for a more tailored workout

A community atmosphere

Keeping up to date with developments in research into best exercise & fitness practices

Healthy Cooking

The Journey Towards Health & Fitness Begins With A Single Step.

Begin Your Journey Today.

I can highly recommend Kim's classes.  I have health issues which makes most sort of exercise difficult for me.  However, I have now gained much more movement and can participate reasonably well.  I also enjoy it. 

Kim caters for individual needs within a class environment without it being detrimental to the rest of the participants.   Her classes are also fun!  

I have been doing Pilates with Kim for a long time. She's been absolutely brilliant- especially since I have some health / disability which she has helped me overcome. Thanks Kim, looking forward to the new term 😁


- Petra B


“Kim's Pilates classes are just the best. She explains everything thoroughly and is extremely kind and patient. I used to suffer a lot with neck and back pain but have no problems since going to her classes.”

- Sally W

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“Thank you again for all your help with improving my fitness.  Your encouragement and support went a long way to setting me on my way to better health.  Your exercise routines were excellent for working every part of my body (always taking into consideration injured parts!).”

-  Kathy W

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