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Health Commitment Statement

The Health Commitment Statement sets the standards that health and fitness centres and users can reasonably expect from each other in regard to the health of the user.



We will respect your personal decisions, and allow you to make your own decisions about what exercise you can carry out. However, we ask you not to exercise beyond what you consider to be your own abilities.

We will ensure that that our all staff are qualified to the fitness industry standards as set out by the register of exercise professionals.

If you tell us that you have a disability that puts you at a substantial disadvantage in accessing our workouts, we will consider what adjustments, if any, are reasonable for us to make.




You should not exercise beyond your own abilities. If you know or are concerned that you have a medical condition that might interfere with you exercising safely before you start to exercise you should get advice from a relevant medical professional and follow that advice.

You should always check that you have sufficient space to work out safely and that any equipment you use is safe and fit for purpose.  We ask that you check this prior to each exercise session.  Exercise carries its own risks. You should not carry out any activities which you have been told are not suitable for you.

If you feel unwell whilst exercising stop and if necessary seek medical assistance.  Listen to your body, if an exercise feels wrong you are possibly doing it incorrectly or are not ready for that exercise.  Check you are following the instructions for the exercise and, where necessary, pick an easier workout or exercise options.

If you have a disability, you must follow any reasonable instructions to allow you to exercise safely.


You will follow the current Government Guidelines regarding COVID-19 when attending face to face sessions.


Covid-19 Guidelines


  • Please DO NOT come to class f you have any of the three symptoms – any cough, temperature, loss of smell or taste. 


  • Use the hand sanitizer provided before and after class.


  • Bring minimum belongings.  Coats can be left in the entrance, shoes & keys can be left inside the main hall.  Please do not walk across the floor in outdoor shoes.


  • Use then hand cleanser provided on arrival and following the class


  • Please observe 2m social distancing on arrival


  • Please bring your mat and a small towel.  If you need blocks or a strap you will need to bring your own.


  • Please place your mat at least 2M apart and where I suggest on arrival.  There will be cones placed at the front edge of each workout space.


  • Although masks are not recommended during exercise, please wear one if you feel more comfortable in doing so.

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